Tuesday, December 16, 2008

After five performances and countless edits it's time to call it a wrap on The Georgia Youth Ballet's thirteenth year of the Nutcracker Ballet!

Truly, this was one of the easier and more pleasant "gigs" that we have worked in recent years. Each performance delivered holiday magic with stunning costumes, charming actors and talented young performers.

A special thanks to Cay Ellis, mother of Co-Director, Randi Lancaster, for the original suggestion to co-ordinate episodes of Home At Last! with the rich history and foods traditionally associated to the dances of the Nutcracker.

Some of the recipes developed for the show will seem familiar and simple, but I have also developed a few recipes to challenge your perception of what can be easily accomplished with a little planning and a few quality ingredients.

The most enjoyable surprise of the season was my homemade Honeybell Orange Brandy created to enhance my Strawberries Romanoff episode.

One of my all-time favorite tea desserts, I imagined how delighted Czar Nicholas I would have been with my vanilla brandy sweetened with sun-ripened Honeybell Orange juice and richly-scented oils extracted from the plump skins.

Unlike the Limoncello that requires 80 days to develop its lemony-goodness, this velvety brandy can be accomplished within two weeks! But be warned, you might want to double the recipe! I paired the brandy with Paromi's new Coconut-Almond Tea for a winter hot toddy! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!