Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10% Off Veggie Patch Mums

One of the prettiest places in Coweta during the Fall months is The Veggie Patch  of  Newnan!  Always decorated and filled with beautiful flowering plants, their skilled buyers select the prettiest mumms in the south metro area of Atlanta!  Print out this page and enjoy 10% Off seasonal mums!

What Would You Do If You Spotted A Ghost?

Elizabeth Beers, owner of Tour With Elizabeth will share some of her favorite spooky stories during the Halloween and "Trick-OR-Treating" season!

Downtown Newnan and Oak Hill Cemetery are few of her favorite haunts-but let's get real-what would we do if a ghost snuck up behind us, tapped us on the shoulder or just appeared suddenly as Elizabeth was sharing the grizzly details of some unlucky ghost's earthly demise?

Unfortunately, I'm afraid I know what I would do. . . I would beat myself silly, "re-kill" the ghost and/or possibly injure others around me.  Just sayin'!

My worst experience at a haunted house, EVER, happened in Clearwater, Florida about twenty-five years ago. One of the scariest I had ever experienced my body just shut down and refused to move in any direction. After an what seemed like an eternity a very kindly "ghost" or "monster" was forced by the organizers to come and escort my party and ME out of the black maze!
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Is In The Air

The 2011 Coweta County Fair presented by our county's Kiwanis clubs has officially opened and visitors are pouring in. Corn dogs, smoked Kielbasa, cotton candy, and even banana pudding were a few of the fairs foods I spotted or enjoyed! Crowds were light Saturday afternoon but the beautiful weather promised a spectacular night under the midway lights!
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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Our new streaming site is offering logo and video services that are designed to drive traffic to websites and blogs!

$470 yearly fee includes a standalone page with unique address, up to three minutes of streaming video embedded on WestGAtv.com, WestGAtv.pegcentral.com and your personal or business website.

Check out our newest example at The Veggie Patch in Newnan.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hard Peach Punch

Unfiltered and maybe an hour away from ready this last batch of peach syrup was screaming for some vodka and lemonade! I always test my syrups but this was a "taking one for the team" moment in our 90 degree heat!

The addition of the slightly-sweetened whipped cream made the "task" a enjoyable experience and I am excited to say that my peach syrup made from Indian Blood Peaches is a great success. A drop of raspberry essence was added to this experimental batch and greatly enhanced the natural raspberry-like flavors of the peach!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Animal Rescue Road

Dedicated, loving volunteers at the corners of Animal Rescue Rd and Boiled Peanut Pkwy continue their mission of saving lives by rescuing our area's throwaways and surrendered pets!

President LouAnn Nociforo Jones leads the pack in the fight and is seen here stirring a large vat of boiling peanuts.

Stop by PetSmart in Newnan any Sunday between 12:30 and 3:30 PM and meet your next furever friend!
President LouAnn Nociforo Jones NCHS.org

Friend, Kathy Ward and I caught up at a roadside garage sale during Powers' Festival weekend and encountered a new litter of kittens and their unneutered mother! Please help save these precious companions by spaying or neutering! Be responsible friends to your pets!
Kathy Ward
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Georgia Ann's Happy Garden

Georgia Ann's Garden was a happy place to be. Bottle trees and ever-blooming varieties of drought-resistant varieties of colorful flowers-all fashioned from recycled cans. 

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Powers' Festival Food Vendors

The food vendor displays were colorful and popular with the crowds! This was one of my favorites-filled with rustic charm!  Great eye appeal and one happy woman matched her drink to  her finger nails and polo shirt!                                                

The menu was rustic, too! Roasted corn on the cob, smoked turkey legs, large baked potatoes with plenty of toppings!

You must admit this is a charming stand. I wonder if the booths earn awards? Hmmmm. . . .maybe next year! Great job guys!

2011 Powers' Festival Memories

So many smiling faces this past weekend at the 2011 Powers' Festival in Newnan! Rain or the lack of sunshine didn't dampen the spirit of festival go-ers! This old man shared his love of dancing and happily performed for our cameras!

Good food was abundant and the new vendors brought some crowd-pleasing festival favorites like Blooming Onions and Gyros!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Veggie Patch Produce

Unlike so many I'm always sad to see summer end! I've elected to "weather" the cooler months by discovering new activities that require cooler temps!

This fall's project list includes my usuals favorites-smoking chickens, making fresh sausage, curing fish! Limoncello! All fun things I love to do that really are so much more pleasant without the scorching heat!

I look forward to the Newnan Oktoberfest Beer Tasting, Fall Taste of Newnan and art walks showcasing local artists! There are so many opportunities to stroll our beautiful square when the cooler weather rolls in.

In other parts of the county cruisers gather for car shows, neighbors stroll the streets of historic neighborhoods during progressive dinners and many groups host wine tastings to raise needed funds for favorite projects.  

It's really a beautiful time in South Metro Atlanta and a pleasant time to reflect on the front porch with a great glass of wine!

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