Saturday, August 25, 2012

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A guest of our Bed and Breakfast asked if I had a garden and I shared "my broken garden" story.  Although small,  we enjoyed a fair amount of goodies!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vernon Kilns Honolulu By Don Blanding

In the mid-80's, Ron and I decided to accept a job offer in San Juan Capistrano, California! We had no money to speak of! About $700 by the time we arrived in California!

We arrived on the California coast with a packed 280Z; including our newest family member, Henrietta, a pretty white rescue from the Japonica Street SPCA in New Orleans!

We couldn't afford an apartment when we arrived due to the fact we ONLY had $700! We rented a motel room that allowed pets and Ron went to work.  Poor as church mice, we finally struck a deal with a landlord to repair a condo ravaged by too many parties and druggies. It turned out to be a lovely rental after we totally renovated and redecorated!

Our time spent in California was wonderful. I think we'd still be there now if not for my unreasonable fear of earthquakes! We loved the food culture, the weather and the friendly people!

We particularly loved the Rose Bowl Antique show every month and found the garage and yard sales to be filled with wonderful finds! I found a box of pretty blue dishes with a the artist's signature and decided to make an investment. Today, after thirty-five years of moving the dishes I'm letting go of my pretty Vernon Kilns dishes! The pattern was Honolulu and they were signed by Disney Artist Don Blanding! 

I'm selling my collection on Ebay! I hope you'll take a peek! Here's to a great adventure!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sapelo Clams

Traveling with Home At Last! is one of the joys of my life and last week's adventure on Sapelo Island didn't disappoint! 

I've been around seafood my whole life-fishing for alligator gar in the bayous of Louisiana, stringing rotten chicken necks in crab traps along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and fishing off the back of my dad's boat for any delicacy that might happen to swim by!

Sampling the seafood of the Georgia coast was an exciting prospect and I was eager to sample the local favorites including Sapelo Clams prepared in a Geechee recipe of Clams and Gravy!

Our new friend and featured cook, Cornelia Walker Bailey, shared her secrets for cleaning, chopping and cooking the clams in a simple, straightforward dish!  Cornelia shares that the fresh clams can easily be stored in the freezer for future use! Once brought to room temperature the clams open and can be cleaned and prepared in your favorite clam recipe! To learn more about Cornelia's life on Sapelo Island Click Here

For our dinner recipe we enjoyed the clams on top of Doc Bills buttery grits but Cornelia suggests trying this as a breakfast dish with freshly-baked biscuits!
Sapelo Clams
Cornelia Bailey and Doc Bill

Clams and Gravy