Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rottie-loving Maxx

Rottweiler-loving Mad Maxx

Mad Maxx doesn't wander far from home. And I know this how? Because he magically appears from nowhere when I cook on the kitchen porch!

Maxx is a gentle boy and perceives rottweilers as close family! He's enjoyed relationships with three rottweilers. He and Zena have enjoyed the strongest bond but every one of our rottweilers have been trained to accept Maxx as "their baby" and love on him as if he were "kin"!

He's lost so many of his family these past few years and now spends most of his time with our older blue-eyed white cat named Sister-but given the opportunity lavishes his friend Zena with loving hugs!

True to form he sat patiently as I prepared lightly-battered golden onion rings for Friday's dinner. Thanks, Maxx!

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