Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Would You Do If You Spotted A Ghost?

Elizabeth Beers, owner of Tour With Elizabeth will share some of her favorite spooky stories during the Halloween and "Trick-OR-Treating" season!

Downtown Newnan and Oak Hill Cemetery are few of her favorite haunts-but let's get real-what would we do if a ghost snuck up behind us, tapped us on the shoulder or just appeared suddenly as Elizabeth was sharing the grizzly details of some unlucky ghost's earthly demise?

Unfortunately, I'm afraid I know what I would do. . . I would beat myself silly, "re-kill" the ghost and/or possibly injure others around me.  Just sayin'!

My worst experience at a haunted house, EVER, happened in Clearwater, Florida about twenty-five years ago. One of the scariest I had ever experienced my body just shut down and refused to move in any direction. After an what seemed like an eternity a very kindly "ghost" or "monster" was forced by the organizers to come and escort my party and ME out of the black maze!
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