Sunday, January 15, 2012

Smoky Bacon-studded French Toast

Safely on their way home to Albany, Georgia, this weekend's contented guests enjoyed a peaceful anniversary weekend filled with shopping at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, dinner at a few local eateries and several movie dates!

After their leisurely departure we relaxed in the kitchen with a shared piece of French Toast-studded with crispy applewood smoked bacon and hand-blended syrup!  In another "lightbulb" moment I mentioned that it might be time to experiment with our pan-fried breadpudding and it's back to the "lab"!

What sets my French Toast apart from other recipes is the heavenly blend of toasted pecans, neufchatel cheese, caramel mousse, and a teaspoon of buttery caramel. 

Before grilling the crusty custard-soaked bread, I sprinkled both sides of my bread with cinnamon and brown sugar to create a nice crust!  A quenell of praline cream and four hand-blended syrups-topped with roasted pecans create a luxurious morning treat!

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