Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Beet Goes On

Another favorite winter pastime is bi-weekly trips to DeKalb Farmers Market, just outside Atlanta.

Notoriously cold inside the market, I layer a light sweater over another light sweater, followed by a comfy lightweight coat and fuzzy gloves.

I know one of you is shaking your head saying, "dummy, it's good for the vegetables and other perishables" but I have to wonder if it isn't a little sadistic entertainment for the office personnel-hovering high above the veggies-in their warm, cozy offices.

Whatever. . .

Last trip I was totally outwitted, peeling off layer after layer . . . on with the gloves-off with the gloves. The management had turned the heat up! I think they were having fun with the shoppers!

No worries, I'm hardcore and over the years have adapted by packing an extra change of clothes-stuffing them in the 99 cent recycle bags-which are never in use for their intended purpose.

If we have another freeze like last week I swear I'm wearing my fleece robe over my clothes! It won't be pretty but I will "make" my groceries!

I especially enjoy having lunch while shopping. The daily offerings hint of exotic, far away places-lots of curries, and spicy aromatic meats. Curried goat is my favorite. Not too big of a meat eater, I take just enough to mingle a little with spicy Afghanistan rice and fragrant orange and ginger beets. I top everything with the tastiest sesame dressing, a little hummus and sour cream, walnuts and ooh, yummy!

I am a hopeless foodie!

You know, I can't imagine a winter vacation boasting warm, toasty fires or an exotic cruise to Alaska to watch whales frolicking in the icy waters. Boy, but let me get wind of a new, exciting market and I will brave the arctic tundra in all my layered glory!

Ya'll stay warm!

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