Saturday, September 26, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I missed being in my garden this year and don't plan to go another year without growing my herbs and edible flowers.

I transplanted a clematis that was not doing well in a previous location. In the heat of early summer it died back but I had
confidence it would be back. And here it is, growing at a rate of about a foot a day and if the weather stays nice I will have a few flowers!

I mentioned my prickly pear cactus in an earlier post and and I am hoping for a huge cactus in a few years. I had to learn about the process for rooting a prickly pear-but it seems to be doing fine. The cut had to scab over before placing it in a cactus mixture. So, now it's a bit of wait and see! I have my blender on stand-by!

We also cleared a second piece of property attached to our main lot and have ordered a new garden shed. I have happily busied myself drying seeds and planning some new trees, including 2 Tuscan olive trees and some prune plums and my Kadota figs. I have the most wonderful peaches and apples and think a mini-orchard might be just the thing!
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