Monday, June 28, 2010

Old-fashioned Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits

We've enjoyed the company of young guests this past two days and promised to make all their favorite breakfast foods on this last morning.  The family, (Mom, Grandma, Griffin and Lili) have enjoyed their morning family time and breakfasts have been leisurely and fun.

Griffin, an 11-year old "grown-up" wanted a vegetarian breakfast sandwich-an easy request with whole-grain English muffins, sliced cheese and fresh tomato. 

Of course we have to serve a sweet course and today's treat took full advantage of this season's sweet, flavorful strawberries!  One of the best seasons I can remember in years. 

We made a morning version of a pioneer biscuit shared with me years ago by an aunt living in Colorado. Easy, no fail biscuits that are fluffy and buttery.  I added two tablespoons of powdered sugar for a slightly sweeter biscuit and double-baked them for a little extra crunch!  The strawberries were macerated overnight with my homemade black currant syrup and a little grape juice.  A slightly-sweetened homemade whipped cream made for a delightful strawberry shortcake that was willdly refreshing and gently sweetened!
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