Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ms. Ruby Bear

Meet Ms. Ruby Bear!

Our Ruby Bear has only been with us for two weeks and it seems like a wonderful lifetime with our gentle giant. She's affectionate and loves the company of humans! She seems to prefer men but has steadily formed a bond with me as well.

Ms. Ruby Bear was due to be euthanized 2 Thursdays ago. She suffers from arthritis but we've managed to reduce her swelling and minimize the pain with the addition of turmeric and milk thistle to her diet. She's staked her claim on some comfortable quilts next to our bed-where she doesn't have to climb stairs and has access to soft grass and lots of shade!

She came to us with her coat dull and her teeth a little dirty but we are seeing a big improvement in her coat with daily brushings. Now, that she is feeling happy and secure we will have a mobile spa day to clip her long nails and give her a pretty new collar!

We don't know how long she will be with us on this earth but she has brought so much joy to our little family and we are so happy she is living out her last years with us. Mr. Ruby is twelve years old!
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