Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Makin' Bacon!

Salt and Sugar Cured Pork Belly
Light Smoke

Cane Syrup Glaze

Pan-fried Biscuit, Glazed Bacon, Fresh Tomato and Wasabi Mayo
Spying some freshly-sliced pork belly at the Asian market I frequent,  I knew I was destined to try my hand at curing, smoking and glazing my own bacon.. Happy with my first attempt, I'm already making notes to improve the next batch.

My first process was curing the pork belly with equal parts sugar and salt.  After three days of curing I soaked the thick slices in cool water; changing the salty water every ten minutes or so. The pork belly was then laid out on a wire rack to dry before placing it in a smoker with dry hickory chips for three hours. I was after a light smoking and opted not to soak the wood.

Finally, I placed the bacon in a pan and lightly fried the strips with a glaze of cane syrup. That was it.

The strips were stored in the fridge until today when I pan-fried the bacon and biscuits in the same pan.

YUM and well worth the time and effort!
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