Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pecan Sticky Buns

My obsession with this recipe began over two long years ago. I wanted something "special" waiting for our early risers at Casa Bella and I wanted it homemade.

Inspired by a favorite donut shop in Louisiana, I set out to make my own "fritter-like" buns without the deep frying.

Today I feel close to my goal.

I baked the buns individually in a large muffin pan and and it seemed to add bit of tenderness that I was missing from previous attempts.

I also added a bit of the sugar and cinnamon mixture to each well along with a few pecan halves before adding the dough rolled with dark and light brown sugar, cinnamon and butter. I swapped buttermilk for the whole milk and was really pleased with the added flavor compared to a typical glaze. 

The results were really good. Now, just have to find someone to try them out on!
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