Friday, July 25, 2008

Chocolate Martinis in the Big Apple

Flying over NYC, recently, I decided that when
the occasion called for it - I was only going to order Chocolate Martinis.

With plans for an upcoming episode on the history of cocktails I wanted do a little research. I know how that must sound . . . but, wait . . .listen! I was dedicating myself to the research [for ya'll] and quite frankly, I came back pretty well informed! For the life of me, though, I don't know what I did with my notes.

My research began at the lounge at the Renaissance Hotel in White Plains, New York. You know . . . now that I'm thinking about it, my research actually began with two Bloody Marys on the plane trip up! And even though this blog isn't about tomatoes this might be a good time to share news about another new blog, Tomato Patty. . .

Do ya'll mind if I take a break here? I'm going to go mix up a batch of Chocolate Martinis.

Ok, I'm back. . . anyway, as we sat there in the glow of the candlelight [at the Renaissance] our waitress made a fuss over shaking my Chocolate Martini tableside and pouring it into a tall martini glass laced with chocolate. Nice touch.

Oh, here's my notes . . . I conducted my research in the hotel lounge . . . twice! And, let's see. . .several times at the Davenport Club in New Rochelle . . and finally at Ruby's Bistro and Oyster Bar in Rye, where I expertly paired my Chocolate Martini with a Lobster Roll that actually tasted like genuine lobster!

Satisfied that I could create the perfect Chocolate Martini back in Atlanta I called it quits.

My findings . . . hmmm . . .

I never met a Chocolate Martini I didn't like.

Home At Last! Chocolate Martinis for 2

4 oz premium Vodka

¼ oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

¼ oz Kahlua

¼ oz white crème de cocoa

½ oz 2% milk

Pour ingredients into a shaker. Stir until cold. Place martini in the freezer while you prepare two martini glasses by drizzling each glass with chocolate syrup.

Strain cold Chocolate Martinis into glasses and serve.

Yeah, baby!

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