Saturday, July 5, 2008

Home At Last! has a new look!

Earlier this month my new website for Home At Last! With Patty Gironda went live. (

There was a flurry of emails from friends and associates congratulating me on the new look, the exciting line of products and general well wishes!

Happily for me, there were also a lot questions about the slideshow of Tuscany. Is this your village? Do you know the people in the pictures? Is it as romantic as you hear? Yes, yes, and yes!! Tuscans are generous, passionate people. Their love of good food, fabulous cheeses and fine wines is apparent in every village, market and social gathering!

Open-air markets through-out Tuscany offer the freshest produce and seafood, regional cheeses, smoky-cured meats and sausages, porchetta (roasted pig) and fried polenta and olive oils. Restaurants through-out the region specialize in seasonal dishes that include truffles, wild boar, pears, and super-Tuscan wines. It's a feast for the senses!

The anticipation of entering a town square filled with stalls of glorious Tuscan specialties causes my knees to weaken and is only remedied with a hot, frothy cup of cappuccino enjoyed at a local coffee bar. Due cappuccini, per favor!

I hope you will take a moment to visit the new site. Be sure to check out the Summer Special from our friends at Villa LaGrotta, in lovely San Guistino Valdarno. Claudia, the manager, was featured on Home At Last! and cooked a beautiful meal for our audience. You can download or print her recipe for Turkey Stuffed with Mortadella in my Recipe Section.

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