Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fig-Infused Hot Sauce

As works continues towards the re-opening of our Bed and Breakfast in Newnan, I hardly have time to type out a quick note, much less cook! But eat and blog we must!

We are eating a simple meal of Fig Hot Sauce-infused Chicken Wings for dinner, served with crispy celery and homemade
Bleu Cheese Sauce. The hot sauce was the result of the bag of peppers I blogged about earlier in the month. Over the weekend I taught my hubby how to make an oven-roasted version of Chicken Wings that would omit most of the fat and quite a bit of the calories.

I start the process in an electric Meyer pot so that I can easily adjust the temperature through-out the first step. Before placing the wings in the hot pot, I coat the wings lightly with olive oil and sea salt. I start them on a temperature of 350 degrees and toss them regularly to prevent sticking. Once cooked through they are tossed in the fig-hot sauce with a little traditional hot sauce and garlic and allowed to marinade for at least twenty minutes before adding them to a foil-lined roasting pan. We roast them for about fifteen minutes at 425 degrees. The oven is well-heated before placing the pan in the oven.

The fig hot sauce provides so much flavor and pleasant heat that there's no time to miss the batter or butter traditionally used in Hot Wings.

Pictured here is my own Fig Balsamic which is another ingredient in the Chicken Wing Marinade. 

The recipe for the marinade is 3 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp fig balsamic, 1 cup fig hot sauce, 1 - 2 traditional hot sauce and salt to taste.

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