Thursday, December 24, 2009

Can We Open Just One Present?

When asked by Santa this year what I wanted for Christmas, I was at a complete loss.

What I truly wanted; one more Christmas with my friend Char, I knew I would never receive. I found myself feeling sorry for myself for a few days. . . missing her FRIENDSHIP! her SENSE OF HUMOR and her CHILDLIKE WONDER at this special time of the year.

Finally out of my funk, I told my hubbie, I KNEW WHAT I WANTED. We decided to go shopping together and made a night of it. We drove along . . .reminiscing about our favorite Christmases with family and friends and finally making plans for the next two days of celebration.

We planned our Christmas dinner -one that we would cook together. We found a few pounds of chestnuts to roast in honor of Ron's family tradition of chestnuts at the holidays.

I pulled out a small, pretty little fake tree and a some favorite decorations; including one from Char and suddenly I was filled with the Christmas spirit. We enjoyed a Christmas Eve breakfast, together-without the stresses of everyday life and worries over the economy. We dug for speakers for the IPOD so that we could enjoy our favorite Christmas songs with our meal tomorrow.

Ron had to run out, as he does every day but returned with the most beautiful bouquet of white roses!
AND, tickets for a night at the movies . . .our holiday date.

I asked if we might open one present from under the tree! We agreed that Christmas Eve wouldn't be the same without at least one present being opened from under the tree.

So, before I go, I wanted to share my beautiful small package from our pretty tree!!

AND, there's about a 100 more from that came from, y'all.
Merry Christmas,  Patty & Ron Gironda
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