Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Southern traditions are the backbone of my holiday experience. I must have a piece of Pecan Pie around Thanksgiving to jumpstart my Christmas celebration. O.K., a piece of Pecan Pie and a generous helping of Cornbread Dressing and a dollop of fresh cranberry sauce . . .if I am being truthful!

With that said, there are so many other traditions that I have adopted as my own. Pleasant childhood memories and traditions shared by others while growing up in Germany are as much a part of who I am and how I celebrate! Friendly German families eager to share their customs and traditions with me have provided a lifetime of Christmas memories.

At the beginning of December I head to the International Farmers Market in search of Pfeffernusse, Stollen and chocolates from Germany.

In the pictures (above) I have the first four steps in creating chocolate covered cherries soaked in German Kirchwasser. A tradition I first experienced as a young teen in Germany. Another favorite memory shared with me by young German friends around Christmas was a wine fortified with a rum-soaked cone of sugar, called Feuerzange Bowle. The cone of sugar was lit and slowly dripped the rum sugar into the bowl below.

Even my little tool that neatly ejects the cherry pit was scored on my first return trip to Germany as an adult. 

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