Monday, May 24, 2010

Casa Bella Kitchen Garden

My beautiful poor strawberry plants! As soon as the young fruit ripens I am there to pop the succulent berries into my mouth!  SWEET! This is my first attempt at growing strawberries and these raised gardens seem to provide the ideal conditions for a busy innkeeper-editor!

I also photographed my first two heirloom tomatoes. (Brightwells) Ron and I have planted way too many plants but I am hoping this year to can what we don't eat or share. 
Another garden note-I tried drying my hothouse Campari seeds-suspending them in water until the seeds fermented and loosed from the gel that surrounds and protects the seeds.
Some have questioned the success I might enjoy from drying my own seeds-but the seeds have sprouted in abundance and I am anxious to see my first flowers. 
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