Saturday, May 15, 2010

Atlanta's Casa Bella Bed and Breakfast


Someone said once that I love "sparkly" things and it's true!  Magic happens in my brain when light is captured in glass-creating such indescribeable beauty! 
It started early for me as a child growing up in Germany-wonderful field trips to glass-blowing factories! Museums filled with gold and jewels from ancient Egypt.
But my young imagination also soared at the sight of home gardens dotting the landscape along the Rhine River! Delectable red currants, delicate lettuces, huge cabbages and stunning window boxes spilling over with beautiful flowers! I continue to be inspired in my life from the images of a wonderful childhood in a foreign country!
I am only able to manage a few raised gardens these days but I rush to the small raised gardens in the early morning to witness the magic created overnight.  Late last night a soaking rain caused baby French Breakfast Radishes to pop up their heads out of the dirt! 
A pretty soft pink, I can't wait to serve them on our breakfast plates at our Casa Bella Bed and Breakfast!  This morning I garished our sweet plate with tender nastursium leaves!
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