Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beautiful Pickled Peaches

This fun project has been a labor of love! 

Pretty heirloom Georgia peaches that have provided a little mystery-a tree deposited on my front doorstep over thirteen years ago.  The man described them as King Peaches-small raspberry-scented peaches used by his grandmother for pickling.

The mystery is that most experts can't identify the peach and are stumped by the name and variety.  I will continue to dig and hopefully share information about my mystery tree.  My next project is uncovering the best method to regrow the tree.

My tree is thriving and providing me with hours of fun and study-even keeping me awake one night as I considered what I would do with this year's crop.

In keeping with the origins of the tree's story and history I decided the first project of the season would be pickled peaches in honor of the gentleman's grandmother.  After all the conversation that led to this wonderful gift was shared stories about our grandmother's pickled peaches.

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