Saturday, September 18, 2010

SNAPIT Screen Capture

I am often asked to exchange links and very seldom find reasons to respond.

But yesterday I received a request to download a free trial of SnapIt and my curiosity got the better of me. I regularly use my PrintScreen function  but this software promised features that would save some tedious steps. . . if it work - as described.  So I gave it a shot!

I am loving the ease of the tool-can only imagine how much fun I am going to have with it! My brain is racing imagining all the applications where this will be extremely time-saving and productive tool.

My Coweta County Fair photo was snapped right from the county website. I didn't check but I am fairly certain it was a flash file.  I saved the screen shot as a jpeg file-inserted the jpeg in the timeline of my editor for our local county television show. (INFOCoweta).  I was pleased that I was able to accomplish both tasks quickly using the same file. Benefit: a consistent look from the website to the television show. 

I am posting some features listed on the Digeus website with links to the trial download. 

SnapIt Screen Capture 3.7

SnapIt is easy to use screen capture software which allows you to easily capture
anything on the screen including windows, menus, full screen, rectangular regions,
web pages and take shots of moving images.

- Supports hotkeys, auto-saving, clipboard
- Automatically copies screenshots to the clipboard

- Tracks capture history, auto-saves captured images

- Saves files in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats

- Auto-names captured images

Download and install SnapIt Screen Capture 3.7:
Learn more what is included in SnapIt Screen Capture 3.7:

If you are interested in blogging about your SnapIt experience here's a link and receiving a free SnapIt program contact

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