Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chicken and Waffles, Y'all!

Atlanta enjoyed a glorious Easter weekend!

We hit the road and set out to discover some new things close to home. First on our list, Auburn Curb Market, right off the interstate in downtown Atlanta!

We were pleased to discover a variety of vendors offering fresh, fresh veggies along with meats, eggs, seafood and baked goods. I loved the friendly atmosphere and settled on some huge chicken wings, oxtail and smoked bacon!

We celebrated Easter dinner with chicken and waffles-the wings coated with some very good organic Kansas unbleached flour-mixed with semolina for extra crunch! I soaked the large wings in seasoned buttermilk for about six hours before dredging them in the wonderful flour mixture! We broke out a deep fat fryer that had been sitting in my gadget pantry for over six months and were delighted with the results!

The waffles were a delicious malt powder we purchase online-enhanced with an extra teaspoon of vanilla and pinch of salt!

Hippity, hoppity, y'all!
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