Monday, February 1, 2010

Raspberry Tonic

When I started my television show fourteen years ago, I suffered from terrible allergies. My eyes were puffy and swollen at 6 am and I hated the close-ups on live TV. I heard that models used Preparation H to relieve the puffiness and I remembered being embarrased to go to the store for tubes of the hemorrhoid medication.

Instead, I studied the active ingredients and set out to concoct my own natural tonic that might offer relief. Fourteen years later, this is the one product that I cannot live without. This, and my Lemon Chiffon Cream made of organic Shea butter, aloe and other oils-great for skin and hair.

The tonic is made of organic witch hazel and two types of tea, one of raspberry-scented tea and the other from the leaves of the raspberry plant. There is a little vitamin C and E to tighten the skin and aloe juice to heal and refresh.
I use it under make-up and to set my make-up. It perks up the skin and adds a glow when applied through-out the day.

As more young women fall victim to lethal cancers the responsibility to investigate ingredients found in our food, cosmetics and environmental cleaning products falls upon each of us. Understand and investigate what you are putting on your face and hair as well as what you ingest.
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