Monday, April 4, 2011

By now I know many of my friends and associates understand my great passion for fine food, good wine and adventurous travel but there's another side to my personality that many don't know. . . I'm a "technology" junkie and love learning about new technologies that stretch the imagination and widen the audience for the love of storytelling!

While I don't expect many of you will ever have the need to understand the technology behind Home At Last! I do hope you will appreciate the potential to reach a new audience through streaming video that has "come of age"!

Our new streaming channel will feature community and entertainment at one simple location! Just like you already enjoy on your newly purchased ATSC-equipped TV's. No longer bound by cable restrictions and contracts will feature many of our popular programs-which can be enjoyed on your computer or better yet! on your newly-acquired ATSC TV with internet features!

More later . . .
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