Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Buford Farmers Market

I'm back!

I just had to run outside and make sure the sky wasn't falling!

It started out an ordinary day.  Made breakfast for our guests at Casa Bella B & B.  Business as usual. Our satisfied guests departed after hugs and promises to see us next year.

Ron and I celebrated with a swim and made a quick decision to head to Atlanta, I had a shopping list compiled for Buford Farmer's Market that included provisions for  a big weekend ahead at our B & B and an upcoming episode of Home At Last!

It wasn't a long list.  . .but it provided us with a good enough reason to get out of town.  I love Tuesdays at the market-they sell huge mixed bags of hot and mild peppers for ridiculous prices!  I make hot sauce and stuffed Mexican peppers on the grill.

My surprise came when I suggested that we enjoy sushi at the market and Ron agreed. (He's not a huge sushi fan, although his tastes have shifted after radiation for prostate cancer.) We picked my favorite Unagi (eel) and seaweed salad and Ron opted for a California Roll.  To my great surprise and disbelief Ron tasted the eel! "Mikey liked it!"

So, the sky didn't fall and it was a good day!

Mixed Sweet Peppers

Ukrainian Chocolates
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