Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes and South African Liver Salad


Last night we opted for appetizers for dinner. . . just like Will's dad. . . in one of my favorite Will and Grace episodes.

I turned a couple of large, firm green tomatoes into one of our favorite appetizers of buttermilk-soaked green tomatoes with a fire-roasted red pepper sauce with goat cheese! It just doesn't get much better on a summer night.

As a companion I made one of my favorite South African salads. Mixed field greens with fried chicken livers and an easy potato salad with wasabi oil.

Loads of flavor and a great way to engage a loved one in the kitchen. I had Ron help me with prepping while I turned the charred pepper into a simple sauce with garlic olive oil and a little sour cream and fresh cracked pepper. The tomatoes were soaked in buttermilk before dredging them in a mixture of yellow and white corn meal and flour.

The chicken livers were dredged in flour, salt and pepper. Not too many clashing flavors-I let the sauces do the heavy duty. I drizzle the salad with olive oil and fresh cracked pepper and salt.
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