Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vidalia Valley



Every once in a while, life and work, gets in the way of this blogging thing. With a little bit of extra time each day, I opted for sleep. . . rather than eating. . .and that didn't leave much time for cooking!

My company, Paper Moon Productions, was chosen by the University of West Georgia, to produce a pretigious APPA Award video, as a result of their Campus Facilities being honored. With less than two weeks to deadline there have been many early mornings and quite a few late nights.

Ok, it's probably sounding like I didn't eat very well at all . . that's not entirely true. I enjoyed two more of the most delicious soft-shell crabs this side of the Gulf Coast! My husband tried his hand at his first delicious meatloaf for meatloaf sandwiches! And, what else. . .my son made a skillet of lime-cilantro shrimp.

We also stocked up on Vidalia onions and have slated Beer-Battered Onion Rings for the weekend. I am making a Vidalia Chow-Chow for a hamburger topped with a fried egg (famous at the Texas Inn in Lynchburg, Virginia). Featured in the photos are a Vidalia Onion Stuffed with Sweet Sausage. CLICK HERE For Recipe To Learn More About Vidalia Valley Click on the title.

We are enjoying lunch tomorrow at AQUAKnox in Atlanta as guests of The Mississippi Gulf Coast CVB and the Gulf Coast Airport. Non-stop flights from Atlanta are due to take flight beginning July 8th!
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