Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beauty Abounds!


I meant the IP Biloxi Casino Resort and Spa! We just couldn't resist a few photos in front of the massive live oaks that I very well could have climbed as a child! I was a BIG tree climber as a small tomboy and was even called from a tree climbing adventure to be informed that at that very moment I had to begin to wear a bra! My tree climbing days were never to be as carefree again.

The IP has done a fabulous job of re-inventing itself in this post-Katrina town. Thoughtful design, interesting textures and sea glass abound on the stunning first level.

The roof level pool and cabana area arereminiscent of a grand ocean liner. Mahagony wicker and ocean blue striped towels create a island feel and proved casinos can be a great getaway for those of us just want to get away for a little R & R!
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