Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How I Luv Ya, How I Luv Ya. . .My Dear Ole Mamey


Just like the conquistidors and early adventurers arriving in the New World I have stumbled upon the Mamey Fruit,(pronounced ma-Mey), the national fruit of Cuba.

Silken like soft pudding, the fruit has a complex layer of flavors, reminiscent of mango and figs. (Some say apricots but I tasted figs.)

I have two plans for my Mamey fruit. The sauce (pictured here)will top a grilled Grouper Sandwich. I paired the Mamey
with ripe banana, unsweetened coconut cream, fresh chives, hot chili oil, mayo and wasabi.

The second recipe will be a conserve of Black Mission Figs and Mamey Fruit for grilled breakfast breads and cheese!
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