Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fresh Spaghetti and Linguine

Freshly-made Pasta

Ronald Mac and I have enjoyed a wonderful day in the kitchen together-making everything from a strawberry cordial for apertifs, a peach bourbon conserve for our bed and breakfast guests-and homemade fresh pasta for an upcoming episode of Home At Last!

. . . a true "soup to nuts kind of day"!

We experimented with several different pasta makers but found that we enjoyed the hand-cranked basic Italian maker the best. Once the pasta was rolled by hand using a flea market wooden rolling pin we cut it with spaghetti and linguine blades. I draped the pasta over my Kitchenaid and dried it in the vicinity of an oscillating fan. Easy breezy . . .

The spaghetti recipe included a 1/4 cup of semolina but for the linguine I opted for no semolina. More for the fun of making them different that for any other reason. We took turns churning out the pasta and enjoyed ourselves immensely! For a easy and reliable recipe please visit the Recipe page of Home At Last!

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