Sunday, October 17, 2010

French Pancake With Blueberry Coulis

Our newest sweet plate at Casa Bella Bed and Breakfast! It might be a stretch calling it a French Pancake but what would you called a puffy, grilled pocketless pita with Praline Creme served with Fresh Blueberry Coulis?

Our guests called it "delicious" and thought they might actually be able to eat two! That came as a bit of a surprise-as we served it with scrambled eggs and applewood smoked bacon.

I grilled the pita with Olivio until golden crispy, spread the warmed pita with Praline Creme and a scant tablespoon of homemade blueberry preserves. Once cooled to the touch, I gently rolled the pita, secured it with a pick and place it on top of some of my fresh coulis.

Praline Creme

4 oz each Neuchatel and Cream Cheese
1 container Jello brand Caramel Mousse
1 tbsp toasted pecans
1 tbsp powdered sugar

Cream ingredients until smooth. Refrigerate.
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