Monday, October 25, 2010

The Land of Milk and Honey

With a few days off to relax and play I've lined up a few projects that I have wanted to work on for awhile.
My first project is a batch of milk and honey bar soap with lavender. A smooth, silky experience for my favorite winter activity! Luxurious hot baths in my favorite tall pedestal soaking tub!
The lavender flowers are a healing natural scrub for face and hands and the honey provides a delicate, soft scent to the creamy texture of the soap!  Preferring lavender flowers over scented carrier oils I appreciate the more delicate scent of lavender than the addition of lavender-scented oil.  

The pretty white bar on the bottom is a Milk & Honey  Bar with super emolient properties and a delicate scent.  Sitting on top is a Peppermint Vanilla Face Bar. 
Hyper-sensitive to overly scented bath goodies I'm really pleased how these bars came out.  More about the luxurious feel than the heavy scent I made all of this without the addition of scented oils.  My yield was huge and I now have gifts and starter bars for the next batch!
I made a 2 lb.block of the pink and have it cooling. It will be sliced and wrapped for gifts. The individual bars were made with my loaf and square cookie bar pans. I also tried and loved a plastic butter stick holder and found it to make an interesting presentation.  I'm already imagining having our CB logo made into a stamp to impress our name into these pretty soaps! 
Sweet bubbles!
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