Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's That Time of Year!

Creamy Greek yogurt, smokey seared-lamb seasoned with traditional Mediterranean flavors and a secret ingredient in the hummus make these authentic-tasting gyros perfect Fall fare!
I take great care in readying my infrared grill for the Fall grilling season . . .scraping down the grates, cleaning and polishing the stainless steel and finally, checking for back-up cannisters of gas to fuel my wonderful grill!
This is my first meal of the season! Grilled pocketless pita, savory lamb seared in my favorite black skillet on the grill and one of my favorite things in the world. . . Tzatzike sauce with seeded cucumbers and tomatoes.
Our grilled pocketless pitas are smeared with a wonderful Greek hummus that is light and airy with so much flavor and fiber! I remember the first time I sampled the fluffy hummus at Atlanta diner. I was struck by the creamy, garlic-y goodness of the garbanzos! I was determined to learn the chef's secret!
If you take a look at the middle photo note that the hummus is almost fluffy! Cloud-like in fact! So, what do you think! What could make a can of grainy garbanzos so delicate and smooth?
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