Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Babycakes Corn Muffins

Being the queen of gadgets that I am, I am constantly on the look-out for gadgetry that makes cooking meals faster and more functional. There are times when only the use of the hands and old-fashioned techniques will do, but on-occasion I discover a tool or gadget that makes my love of cooking even more fun.

My new yellow Babycakes individual cupcake baker is one of those useful gadgets. I have experimented and enjoyed the creativity of the machine and appreciate that it bakes up smaller portions 8 servings at a time!

Cooking for two people has always been a challenge for homecooks-especially if leftovers aren't a family favorite. While I think some foods are actually better "the day after" not everyone agrees, causing dinnertime to become more of a challenge. Out of frustration families opt to eat out more or serve high-fat, low-fiber prepared meals at home.

Consider instead a healthy high-fiber, low fat soup with chicken and white beans served with two corn muffins prepared in the Babycakes grill and you'll serve up a fresh, wholesome meal ready in under a half-hour!

Only four chicken wings (skin removed) flavored the veggie-rich soup. Fresh celery, carrots and spinach added additional flavor!
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