Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Malt Flour Cinnamon Buns

I mentioned in a previous post that I had worked steadily for two years to develop my own flaky dough that would serve me well at breakfast time at Casa Bella Bed and Breakfast! Lesson learned? Don't give up. I finally developed a dough that I think we'll be useful in a wide variety of recipes.

This final inspiration hit me after a leisurely stroll down the flour isle at a favorite Asian market. In a previous visit I made a mental note that the market stocked malt flour.  My "light bulb" moment came while munching on a small package of crispy chocolate chip cookies.  I read the list of ingredients and noticed malt flour! An ingredient also used in our delicious "malty" homemade waffles.

Finally, I made the decision to reduce the warm water used in the recipe by half and add buttermilk as a replacement liquid. I added cold buttermilk to hot water to create a warm liquid perfect for activating the yeast.

With the full recipe of my dough I was able to make 15 cinnamon rolls and a lightly-sweetened braided cinnamon loaf.

The cinnamon rolls were tender, wonderfully textured from the malt flour and stayed soft.  The bread was almost close to a flake pastry. Lightly crunchy, delicate layers and yummy!
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