Thursday, February 25, 2010

$12 Peppers

I mentioned in an earlier post that I once paid dearly for a small box of dried green chiles that I believe were jalepenos or possibly poblanos. It's been so long since I have been able to find them that I finally decided to dry them myself. If you scroll down you can see the fresh poblanos that I bought for my experiment.
What I love about drying the chiles myself is that there is absolutely no waste. The final product is pictured in the upper right corner and closely matches the volume sold for $12. I used two poblanos to fill my jar. The cost was under $3.
The method I chose couldn't have been easier. I sat the cleaned and dried chiles on paper towels and turned them every day for a week. After that I simply strung them with kitchen twine and hung them in my pantry for another two weeks. The results were excellent; I not only have the flesh of the pablanos to add to my Mexican dishes but I have the seeds-which I hope to sprout and plant in the spring.
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