Friday, March 12, 2010

Home Made, Hand Blended

We are just about to open our new Bed and Breakfast, Casa Bella. With the hardest work behind us my mind has shifted gears as I begin to focus on staples for the pantry.
With eight years of previous experience as innkeepers, we are fortunate to have so many delicious recipes to fall back on. The top picture is our Black Currant & Black Raspberry Syrup that I make my reducing a Black Currant Concentrate with Black Raspberry Preserves. It flavors grilled ham stuffed into our Sweet Potato Biscuits, it sweetens fresh fruit and yogurt and adds incredible depth to our frozen granitas served during the dog days of summer.
The second syrup is our own hand-blended syrup that we serve with French Toast topped with a Pecan Cream and a drizzle of this buttery cane and molasses syrup. But it is equally wonderful on buttery buttermilk biscuits!

Oh, Lordy!
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