Friday, February 4, 2011

Crawfish Etouffe

Crawfish Stock
I'm preparing for a taping of my show tomorrow and Crawfish Etouffe is on the menu!
Because I live in a house with a person allergic to most crusteceans-I am estatic to make this for Home At Last viewers and ultimately, dinner!
What is it about the small, fresh-water, lobster-like crawfish that makes him okay with one crustecean-but not the next? It's a mystery! I have to wonder if the mercury levels in the fresh water are substancially lower than the salt water crusteceans.
I'm pairing the crawfish etouffee with a salad of roasted beets, (thanks Linda), a champagne "caramelized" pear and my last few blood oranges. I am planning a light blue cheese dressing and a few toasted walnuts!

I'm all about the beautiful waltz in my head when it comes to pairings! I can sense the sweetness of the caramalized pear alongside the beautiful raspberry-scented Moro orange sections and know that they will bring a nice balance to the spicey Etouffee!
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