Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tender Porchetta

After ten hours of very slow roasting the porchetta is finally ready! With steam still coming off the tender pork I sliced a few bites-unable to wait another second!

The first bite was a delicate, delicious morsel sweetened by the ground fennel! The finish was "all Tuscan" boldly flavored with a combination of young rosemary sprigs and smashed garlic! It was a "magic carpet ride" back to our favorite Friday market in Terranouva, Italy in central Tuscany!

We spent the better part of the afternoon shopping for the perfect roll due to the fact that we ate my Tuscan rolls before the pork was even halfway through the roasting process. I'll have to double up on the roll recipe next time to ensure an authentic experience.

Tuscan Rolls - Second Rising
But for now I am experimenting with several breads that I was able to buy locally . . .Panera's sourdough roll-soft on the inside with a crunchy top. Second, I wanted to make a crunchy Panini using Panera's Semolina loaf but they were sold out so I opted for a whiter French loaf, and finally I chose a seedless Kaiser roll with a much lighter crunch.

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