Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is MadMaxx, my little rescue raised by Rottweilers. He's a sweet, affectionate male that would rather hang out with Zena, our female Rottie, than other cats.

Thanksgiving evening he came home sick and wailing for his mommy! We weren't able to find signs of trauma or blood so we have to assume he ate something that didn't agree with his tummy.

One of the reasons I bring this up, ibeing a holiday and not really understanding what was wrong, these type of events can lead to panic.

Rather than panic . . I calmly placed a capsule of charcoal and milk thistle down his throat. The next order of business was to get him hydrated, since I had not seen him for twenty-four hours. We let him sleep til morning. The next day, I doubled his water intake and gave him another milk thistle.

On his third day he asked for food and drank on his own. He's still weak but restly comfortably on his favorite chair.

Just a gentle holiday reminder to stock up on pet necessities that might help save your pet's life.

These are safe remedies that are also good for humans. The charcoal moves poisons through the body and milk thistle is a gentle kidney and liver flush. I have started my own daily routine of milk thistle and dandelion tea to aid the cleansing of my own liver and kidneys.

On a final note, another valuable group of volunteers in Coweta County has ask that I share their information with all of you.  Please visit there website and help however you can.  Volunteer, donations, and loving homes are always welcomed at our Coweta rescues!

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