Thursday, November 5, 2009

Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

These past few months have proved a challenge.  As a woman over fifty-I still believe I have many good creative years ahead- new adventures and challenges at work.  Unfortunatley, these past years  have challenged my good spirits and belief in the power of positive thinking and prayer.  I understand better that a lot of our power and confidence comes from the people and creatures who love and rely on our strength. It is humbling. . .

I am faced with the loss of another old friend, Dunkin, our fifteen year old rescue from Dunkin Donuts-here in Newnan, Georgia.  Dunkin has always been a strong alpha male and even in his twilight years he commands respect and fear from those under him.  Thankfully, he has mellowed over the years and become a mama's boy!

It's difficult to believe his time is near but he faces it bravely and has fought to hold on these past days.  Dunkin stopped eating suddenly and although he was never a big eater he began to consume less than two cups of food.  His ribs are showing through but he continues to go about his life . . .following the family to different rooms and locations, sleeping nearby and making an effort to eat a little more.

I miss the animals I have lost these past three years, Ace, our big lovable bear of a Rottie, Red-my handsome stray rescue, Brother-one of three siblings that picked up his small family and moved to our house and Gypsy, our 19-year old black cat who pretty ruled all of us for ten years!  And although Henrietta has been gone for almost six years, she lived to be twenty-two years old, a westie-mix , rescued from a New Orleans Humane Society!  She was truly the Queen of our household and kept us all in line!

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