Monday, November 2, 2009

The Pizza King Visits Newnan

It's great to be King. . . I imagine.

This is my son, Shane, and he makes really great pizza. By the way, he is a "self-proclaimed" king. . .In his defense, his Pizza Marguerita is really delicious and my favorite - which in my book qualifies him to be king.

I have discovered conflicting accounts of how this pizza came into being but most of the stories include kings and queens so we are going to stick with what makes the story work.

In one version, King Ferdinand was said to dress up as a commoner to enjoy a delicious slice of this Neopolitan delight-banned by his queen.

In another version, a baker created the pizza in celebration of Queen Margherita's visit to Naples.

Thankfully, the popularity of this pizza has spread through-out Italy and is available in just about every pizzaria.
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