Saturday, January 30, 2010

Green Pepper Flakes

Years ago I was able to walk into one of the popular kitchen stores and buy small boxes of dried green peppers pieces! Not the seeds! They were either poblanos or jalepenos. As usual, the stores get you hooked on a product and stop carrying it! For years, now, I have been hunting for something to replace one of my favorite additives in the pantry.

Frustrated, I decided to dry my own. This picture was taken ten days after bringing them from the store. Now, I imagine that it would be a lot faster with a dehydrator but I don't have room for another piece of equipment.

My methods are primitive but I know the results will be worth it. I might try placing them on racks inside my warming oven. It only heats up to about 100 degrees which could easily produce great results.

I will report back to you, later!
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