Friday, January 1, 2010

Whole Grain Pasta with White Beans and Black Olives

I find myself going back to the same conversation about saving money and time. . .and still creating delicious, healthy meals at home.
The gnocchi that I made early in the week were somewhat of a "cheat". I just can't indulge every craving and have to make substitutions that still deliver the results we have come to expect from eating out.
The substitution in my cream sauce was homemade vegetable stock, a tablespoon of flour and a little half and half and a bit more 2% milk. AND, a great German whisk that makes a ultra smooth sauce of anything! It takes practice-but I challange anyone to really taste the difference. There is so much flavor, texture and substance that it really doesn't seem like much of a sacrifice!
Tonight's meal was my leftover cream sauce, Goya White Beans (delicious) and canned black olives. Most of the added flavor came from slivered fresh garlic and the addition of my own garlic olive oil. The pasta was whole grain angel hair; one of the best ways to adventure into whole grain pasta.
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