Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Forgot To Mention What's For Dinner


Since I had the camera out all day I figured I might as well share what I was making for dinner. I had to come up with something easy so that I could goof off all day! So, I am making a Fire-Roasted Pork Butt.

I have boiled the pork with cranberry juice and a 16 oz coke,(tenderizes the meat and adds a lot of flavor. I also add shallots,chives,fresh garlic,herbs,and spices to the water before boiling it for about an hour and a half!

Now that it's cooked through and tender, I am going to fire up the infrared grill and cook it for another hour on low heat with a nice dry rub of brown sugar and spices! I'll be sure to get another photo tonight for you.

It will feed us for weeks. I make sandwiches, fried rice and even Asian-inspried meals with the portions that are left over. It's works well as BBQ with the addition of a few more ingredients!
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