Monday, March 9, 2009

Oyster Mania

I suffer from "oyster mania" Raw-baked-broiled-stewed-gussied-naked-it really doesn't matter. I grew up on raw and thought I was pretty much a purist-but, I've discovered that I really love them just about any way they are lovingly prepared!

You're probably thinking "Hey, I really like oysters, too? So, what's the big deal?

No big deal, I suppose . . .I'm just setting the record straight I get a lot of questions about my favorite types of foods and recipes and I never remember to include oysters! But this week has been an excellent reminder of how much I really enjoy these wonderful little bi-valves!

I started the weekend with a dozen oysters raw with cocktail sauce, fresh lemon and extra horseradish and a BBQ sandwich. Saturday, I enjoyed steamed oysters with a little Monterrey Jack cheese (surprisingly good) along with a steamy bowl of clam chowder. Sunday - I broiled them with a spot of butter creamy Butterkase cheese (from Germany), a smattering of fresh scallions, a few drops of fresh squeezed lemon juice and fresh ground pepper. Yummy!

I haven't decided on tonight's preparation but you can be assured oysters are on the menu. I bought some Vietnamese spinach this week, I might have to make Oysters Rockefeller-one of my all time favorites. Being from Louisiana I love Fried Oyster Po-boys, dressed and topped with lots of Louisiana Hot Sauce. I also make a low fat oyster stew with fire-roasted fish, low cal and delicious.

Well, oysters aren't cheap so I need to go earn some money!


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