Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Buttermilk Bread Pudding with Rum Honey Sauce


A friend wrote to tell me we were under a tornado watch and I thought, "O.K., good-I'll bake something!"

In some parts of the country that might be an odd response to a nasty storm headed your way-but, hey, I'm from Louisiana-I react by preparing food and drink. . .known in Louisisana as a "hurricane party".

Today's reaction resulted in a New Orleans and family favorite, Bread Pudding! I have been baking it so long now there's no need for a recipe-just leftover bread, a few eggs, milk and some flavoring.

I played a little today-adding buttermilk rather than whole milk. I backed off some of the sugar and added a few tablespoons of a cane-molasses syrup blend I keep on hand for biscuits.

This was one of our more popular breakfast courses during our innkeeping days. I panfried the bread pudding in a little butter and topped it with a Tequila Sauce and fresh whipped cream.

In Louisiana, all food is recycled and creates some of the most delicious cuisine in the U.S. Don't throw out that old bread, ya'll!
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