Monday, May 25, 2009

Golden Mojitos


Every home bar should stock simple syrup. Equal parts water and sugar. Easy to make and essential in the art of making cocktails that taste like your favorite restaurant or bar.

Although, technically, the addition of other ingredients equals flavored syrups-until they change color-I still call my concoctions simple syrups.

Take for instance,mojitos . . . the addition of the simple syrup takes the drink to a deeper level of minty lime goodness-faster. Mint leaves provide the contrast and balance to the refreshing lime characteristics of the drink.

For an easy simple syrup I sanitize sparkling water bottles and mix the batch right in the bottle. For mojitos I add 10 mint leaves and a bottle pourer before placing in the refrigerator.

Stored in the refrigerator the cold liquid keeps the drink from becoming watery and adds the desired sweetness to the rum.
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