Friday, May 29, 2009

sshhh! Don't Tell-Anchovies and Pizza


I love anchovies and sneak into them into many of our favorite dishes in the form of paste, fish sauce or the whole filets. (whenever I am feeling particularly mean.)

Living in a "NO ANCHOVY" zone like I do-I have learned to be pretty discreet. I don't rush to disclose every ingredient when the "delicious-ness" of a particular dish is heralded!

Last night was a perfect example. . . I decided to make pizza. Since I hadn't planned homemade pizza for dinner I didn't have much on hand in the way of toppings. I did have a can of black olives and had every intention of using them. There was also a cooked sweet sausage, grape tomatoes and Vidalia onion.

But at the last moment I remembered a cupboard-full of anchovie-stuffed green olives from Spain and thought it would make for an interesting experiment. . .if I could keep my mouth shut.

I tried not to pay too much attention to Ron's first bite-knowing that things could go either way. I didn't even watch.

"Hmmmmm" he said. I rest my case!
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