Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chin, Chin Raphael!


Vacations in Tuscany usually include many exciting wines and olive oils showcased at our friends' store in San Guistino Valdarno. Local wineries are plentiful and we have been fortunate to meet many of the enthusiastic owners eager to share their passion for good wine.

On one very special trip we were guests of three wineries producing some of my favorite Tuscan wines. Each of the families and their wineries continue to inspire me today. I remember the first time we walked the vineyards-sampling the Merlot, Pinot and Sangiovese grapes as the Tuscan sun set over the hills in the distance.

I enjoy both the Pinot and Merlot grapes but knew very little of the Sangiovese grape. Luscious, full-bodied and very pleasing with lighter roasted meats and fish I really enjoy the lighter feel of this happy grape.

The Panizzi Rosa, featured here on my back porch as I roasted potatoes, was a gift from an Italian cousin who knew how much we appreciate Tuscan wines. I really enjoyed the clean, crisp Sangiovese Rose wine with the meal. Chin, Chin Raphael!!
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